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PHP REST API parameter

Hi guys, on creating a segment, can I pass "actions" and "locations" parameters with the PHP REST API, too? Or can I only pass the "name" parameter? Best regards Matthias

Custom values in pushcrewConfig.

Hola! I'm trying to connect pushcrew js api to our webasyst framework. I ran into a problem when pushcrewConfig.swPath and pushcrewConfig.manifestUrl are hard coded from the root of the site. I do not have the opportunity to place the file pushcrew-sw.js in the root (the Framework does not provide such an opportunity). In this case, when calling js api in the DOM tree, there is a link element with the attribute rel='manifest'. How can I fully use js api, without the possibility of placing your files in the root? The ideal solution would be to be able to fully work with js api if only account_id and api_token are present. -- Di.

I am not getting the subcription id after click on allow

I am not getting the subcription id after click on allow. Should token is compulsory for subscription id as i am on trial peroid just want to check the rest api


What do I need to do to finish and turn on?

how to use your dashboard

I want to know how to use your dashboard?

How to integrate pushcrew from scratch ?



Error submitting

when trying to send as described in the documentation (https://api.pushcrew.com/docs/send-to-all-subscribers) I have been receiving the following error: "Failed to load https://pushcrew.com/api/v1/send/all: Request header field authorization is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Headers in preflight response." My code: $ .ajax ({ url: url, type: 'post', async: true, crossDomain: true, date: { title: content.title, message: content.description, url: content.url, image_url: content.image }, headers: { "authorization": "mykey", }, dataType: 'json', done: function (data) { console.log (data); } }); My AcountID: ba6c71941fa73cd13ed28807fdb7c53e

Is everything im ising going to use 4 free?

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Remove subscriber from a particular segment

Can I use this to remove a subscriber from the global segment? It doesn't appear to be working.. If not, you should really update your documentation because I've spent a couple of days building under the impression that I could add a one click opt-out to our site.