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Use the REST API

Do i have to pay a plan in order to use the REST API?

Get list of subscriber IDs

How to retrieve all the subscriber IDs?

you have opencard api

we have opencard website i want to interrogate your service so if you have plunges for opencart then provide me

one click unsubscribe is not working

Hi Guys I am using below code to unsubscribe notification. _pcq.push(['triggerOptOut']); user is not able subscribe again until they click twice on unsubscribe button even after page refresh. suppose there is 2 button "subscribe" and "unsubscribe" which will display according to condition Here is the flow 1). user click on subscribe button and allow notificaiton from pushcrew.com then display "unsubscribe" button 2). user click on unsubscribe button which open window with help image, user unsubscribe with help of browser window option then display "subscribe" button 3). user click on subscribe button again but it does not work untill user click on unsubscribe button again -> open browser window and close it Please help me to track this issue, Thanks in Advance

Subscription list

I've tried to send notifications to subscription list, but I got nothing although it responds with success: {"status":"success","request_id":"2405"} And it does not tell me the rest of the result like the subscription IDs as in the documentation: { "status": 'success', "request_id": 123, "norecord": 4, "norecord_list": [ "0001", "0002", "0003", "0004" ] }

Can we push the user to a particular page on the website?

Hi, I have few queries: 1. Can we push the user to a particular page on the website? 2. Could you please provide with the sample report on the performance of the push notification. A screenshot will also do. 3. Can you report be plugged in to exact target? 4. Any study that shows me how effective this service could be?

Can I install the script inside an iframe?

Hello, I want to trigger opt-in event within an iframe. Will that work?



Getting Unauthorized for send to all subscriber api call

Hi, I am using sample code given here http://api.pushcrew.com/docs/send-to-all-subscribers I added my api token where it is mentioned but I am getting Not Authorized response from api call. Not sure of the problem please guide.