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How to integrate pushcrew from scratch ?



Error submitting

when trying to send as described in the documentation (https://api.pushcrew.com/docs/send-to-all-subscribers) I have been receiving the following error: "Failed to load https://pushcrew.com/api/v1/send/all: Request header field authorization is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Headers in preflight response." My code: $ .ajax ({ url: url, type: 'post', async: true, crossDomain: true, date: { title: content.title, message: content.description, url: content.url, image_url: content.image }, headers: { "authorization": "mykey", }, dataType: 'json', done: function (data) { console.log (data); } }); My AcountID: ba6c71941fa73cd13ed28807fdb7c53e

Is everything im ising going to use 4 free?

All what im ising 2 make things work

Remove subscriber from a particular segment

Can I use this to remove a subscriber from the global segment? It doesn't appear to be working.. If not, you should really update your documentation because I've spent a couple of days building under the impression that I could add a one click opt-out to our site.



How to pick up Segments that I push via Javascript?

I am pushing a segment via Javascript but it is not picking up in my account. I currently do not have any segments. Do I need to create one in order for it to pick it up? I thought maybe this is the case, BUT it looks like I MUST create a filter. Why do I need to do that if I have decided that already via my javascript code? So when I try to use the filter and I select "javascript variable", this cannot work because I do not have that option in the API code. I am using this. _pcq.push(['addSubscriberToSegment', 'Accounting']); No variable, just the segment itself. So how does this work?

What do I do next?

Where do I go?

How to check is subscriber ID valid or Invalid?

Hi, I am getting response "Invalid Subscriber ID" , Before sending the notification i want to check is subscriber id valid or not , How can i do that?

first Pushcrew

Please comfirm Pushcrew